Saturday, August 11, 2012

Baby Rodriguez's First Water Project

Hello readers! We know it's been awhile, and much needs updating, but for now we have baby news! We have been in love with our little noodle since we found out we were expecting in March!

And since we found out whether this little goober is a boy or a girl we've been raising money for him/her to fund clean water projects from the very beginning of his/her existence! (Don'tcha wanna know?!) Family and friends have been so supportive with their donations and its been super sneaky to keep it a secret, but oh so fun!

So the original plan was to fund a well by baby's due date. Now we know that this is a big goal but our God has proven his mightiness to help us realize our big goals in his name. However, with few further plans for projects to raise money and baby's arrival quickly approaching, we decided it would be best to put little cootie's donations to use rather than let them sit for now.

We've decided to launch a mycharity:water campaign. These campaigns last three months - exactly the amount of time from today (8/11) that baby is expected to be here (11/11)! To start it off, all of the donations collected so far will go straight in as well as our garage sale fundriaser efforts from July! And here's your chance to join in! Our goal is $1,111 which will help bring clean drinking water to 11 families in need! Baby R you are already making a difference in this world!

Look out for ways to participate over the next three months as we work to meet our goal! Or if you still want to find out the big boy/girl question, just make a donation and let us know you wanna know on the blog, on Facebook, or through email! Visit baby's campaign page at!

Here we go third trimester! We are so excited for November! :)