Our Projects

Food Pak® Projects I and II

In September 2009, we ate from the Children's Hunger Fund Food Pak®, a box of food distributed to families in need, for two weeks, two times, to see if we could do it.  The outcome changed our hearts (and our grocery budget!) and we have been advocating for this great organization ever since!

Food Project 2010

In January of 2010 (after being challenged by our Food Pak® Projects) we decided to spend only $10 a week on groceries as a way to live for others.  We shopped with $20 every two weeks and matched our monthly food budget by donating to food and water focused non-profits.

Build a Well

We set a goal at the beginning of 2010 to build a well with charity:water.  $5,000 was the goal!  God abundantly blessed us with just over $7,000 by January 2011!!! Check out the jerry can on our sidebar for the latest updates and progress of the "Taylor, Frankie and Friends" water project!