Saturday, June 28, 2014

Sunny Saturday

What a fun day we had today!

Frankie went to a training for the THRUproject.  It's an organization that pairs up advisers with youth that have aged out of the foster program.  Advisers commit to a year with the program and the youth that is placed with them and keep in contact with the youth for support and accountability.  It is a pretty cool idea and the only organization doing it in the state.

After that we all headed down to get some free fish!  Woot Woot!!  

And just for fun we decided to do some shopping and found a new rug for our laundry room, and candle, and a sign that Taylor thought was awesome!

Nap time for Mose while we drove up to the mall for some more exploring of shops...

We found a candy store... Lolly and Pop

Checked out the new H&M... Moses found something he liked!

and then took some time for a dance break :)

Quick stop at a resale kids shop for some serious discounts, but left because Dad got a little overwhelmed.  He came home and took it out on our very overgrown backyard.  

So like I said, we had a fun day!  And we blogged about it!  Maybe this will be the start of something great... baby steps first.   

Lots going on!  We will keep you posted.