Monday, August 31, 2009

Day One

Today is Tuna Melt Day! Yum!

We had a strong start today. Taylor had oatmeal for breakfast, and packed a lunch of a granola bar and cranberries for at school. And I had a granola bar for breakfast, tuna melt for lunch, and peanutbutter crackers for a snack. So for dinner today we are having Tuna Melt!!! (Yeah I know, I had it for lunch but I just couldn't wait!)

To make our delioucious dinner we only had to use three items from our box:

  • tuna
  • cheese and broccoli soup (the broccoli adds extra flavor, variety, and nutrition!)
  • twirls

[Our first thought for this was to just buy a box of mac'n'cheese and add the tuna...we decided that the bag of noodles and soup would last longer. And on second thought, while writing this, we noticed that we wouldn't have been able to make the mac'n'cheese anyways since we are lacking milk and butter! Good thing we chose the soup route!]

We cooked the pasta, warmed up the soup, then threw it all together with the tuna to get this wonderful dish.

Tuna melt+green beans+mandarin oranges for dessert=day one dinner! :D And it was good!

Note for today: You notice very quickly how much you take for granted the abundance of food in your home when you pair down. Much like anything else that you have a lot of (money, clothing, Q-tips, etc.) you tend to use more of it more often than when you have little of it. Like when grabbing a snack: when you have a lot of food you reach for something everytime you are hungry (and sometimes complain about not being able to find something), but when your snacks are in limited supply, you carefully plan them- when and how much you will eat. This may be an undeveloped thought or it may be crystal clear...I'm not sure...but try it and you'll see what I mean. Seriously, try it with anything that you have a lot of. Put most of it away and see how you change your usage of it and let us know how that turns out!


    Bet it never tasted soooo good!
    Keep it up!
    Aunt Ame

  2. I must say that the table setting makes your Tuna Noodle Casserole look very appealing! Yum!