Monday, October 26, 2009

Back at it!

While we were home in Devine for the weekend, we discovered Grandma's pantry stocked full of tons of canned food products brought from the visiting Arizona family. They recieve mass amounts for some reason and brought it along to share. So we stocked up! Today marks another two weeks of Food Pak inspired eating!

This time around we are limiting our eating to what we grabbed from Grandma's and what we already had at home in the pantry and fridge (which is not much, just some random odds and ends of things.) We will be saving our grocery/eating out money to go towards our Christmas gifts that we will be buying through CHF's Menu - Gift Catalog, featuring "Meals served with compasion". (More on this later.)

Read along as we update about new food explorations and our past adventures (that we have neglected to post about over the past couple months. :P sorry!)

“In this life we can’t always do great things,
but we can do small things with great love .”
-Mother Theresa

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  1. Ready and watching! I was going to use that Mother Therea quote in my next post--love it! Wishing you happy eating . . . and even happier saving!!

    Love you both,