Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Twitter Tuesday - Max On Life

Twitter is a constant encouragement to us. We follow writers, pastors, friends, and organizations. There are many tweets weekly that really inspire us. Here is what is on our mind today.

@MaxLucado: Marriage is God's idea. He created it because most of us are better God-followers with a partner than we are alone

I have been dwelling on this tweet for a few weeks now... Taylor assigned it to me after I said the same thing to her when she had come back from a week in SA for Spring Break. Mine wasn't phrased as nicely as Max's, it was more like-

"I don't like it when you are gone..."

but the idea behind it is the same. :)

But really. I become a slacker when left alone to do my own thing. Not on purpose but I don't have the reinforcement that Taylor gives me. All my life I have had ideas and have started projects but I've always second guessed myself and didn't really finish anything. When I married Taylor she was someone I could talk to, someone that would listen, she encouraged me, focused me, loved me. She made me make sense.

I have always known that the Food Pak ® project that we did was never the result of either of us as individuals. I had the idea but Taylor had the ear to hear me and the love to talk, grow, and plan the idea into a doable challenge. This is how our marriage works. We each bring what we know and who we are to the table and then we can prepare ourselves as a whole for Him. That is what the goal is, to live life to please him. And without my wife I don't even come close.

"We are one but not the same, we get to carry each other". U2

Just to put some facts to what I am saying I copied at few lines from the book "Do Hard Things" by Alex and Brett Harris-

"A study of horses revealed that a single horse could pull an average of 2,500 pounds. The test was repeated with two horses. You'd expect the weight pulled to double--to about 5,000 pounds. Not so. Two horses working together pulled 12,500 pounds! That's five times the amount one could pull alone. There's something inside a living being that rises to accomplish exponentially greater things when part of a team."

So you see, what I said was just what Max tweeted... I just needed my wife's help to explain it. ;)

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  1. This is so, so true.... and it is what more people should be looking for in a marriage partner - not completing each other (b/c that is what God does), but instead complimenting each other... their weakness is your strength and your weakness is their strength, so you are able to fill in the gaps