Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Grand Opening! "One Stop" at LAFB

Today we got to celebrate the Grand Opening of "One Stop" on Lackland AFB! This building conveniently includes the new locations for the Thrift Shop, Loan Locker, Cinderella's Closet, WIC Office, and Airman's Attic. We have been volunteering at Airman's Attic now for a few months and were excited when they moved into this much bigger space! We love helping them out weekly to serve Lackland's Airmen and their families.

Sergeant Hought gave a little bit of Lackland history and explained how before (and usually on other bases) these services are spread out all over the base. Now, in this new building, Airmen and their families can easily utilize all of these services in one location, One Stop.

Frankie and I - their "Dedicated Volunteers", Darlene and Diane - volunteer Co-Managers, and Sergeant Grice and Sergent Hought - overseers and supporters of Airman's Attic

Airman's Attic: "free" thrift store open to all US Active Duty and Families (10 items per week)
Loan Locker: household goods on loan to newly arrived families
Cinderella's Closet: formal dresses on loan

Frankie's beautifully decorated Christmas tree!

Linens and Household

Civilian Clothing

Media Room

Media Room

Active Duty wear

Active Duty wear

And my favoritist, most polished room... the baby room! :)
Toddler Clothes

Baby Clothes

Baby and Kid Stuff

We enjoyed getting it all ready this morning and then hamburgers, hot dogs, potato salad, and sweets afterwards! What a fun, little nice, big building for such great services!

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  1. Great pics, great post, great day! Thanks for the extra shopping time while you watched the littles . . . and for waiting in line for our lunch . . . and for volunteering!

    Love you both!