Friday, October 14, 2011

Good to be Home

It's been near six months that we have been back in San Antonio and it's been pretty great. Great to be near family, friends, We know people here. They know us. We get to run in to them at the grocery store, have an impromptu lunch, or help out family any day of the week.

This hit us the other day-
After having lunch with some old friends passing through town, we went to another friend's store to get some new TOMS, where we ran into another family friend who was so excited to run into us! Friends x3. In one day.
The next day we went to the premiere of 58: (a brand new, must see about ending poverty)
and it just so happened our buds from church were going, too! We were sitting chatting together when another friend walked in! So fun! Good thing too, because we ended up waiting about an hour so we had some cool people to chat with! ;)
And today we got to go to Devine to just chill and eat lunch with family.

This is good stuff.

I think it happened once in Houston...some San Antonio friends were in town and we ran into them at the mall! But now we get to see their beautiful faces every Sunday! :)

It's good to be home!

Oh yeah... and we get to see these awesome people everyday...

trick-or-treating at SeaWorld! so fun!

It's been such a blessing to live with my family during our transition time! So very thankful.


  1. were you at sea world today?! i was too!
    fun seeing you last night :)

  2. Good you have you H-O-M-E!

    Love you both,