Wednesday, December 14, 2011

"Start Something That Matters" Book Review and Give Away!

We are so thankful to Blake and Spiegel & Grau for sharing this book with us! We both really enjoyed reading it and recommend it for anyone! Even though we are not bookworms we couldn’t put this one down!

Before we tell you about the story we want to tell you how awesome the book itself is. It's already inspiring tons of bloggers across the country who received it for free so we can tell you about it! And 50% of the proceeds from the sales are put into a Start Something That Matters fund to help inspired readers carry out their amazing ideas! How cool right? Now for the stories...

If you’re not familiar with Blake Mycoskie and TOMS (which how could you not be if you follow are blog? ;) then allow us to introduce you… Blake first experienced the need for shoes when he was traveling Argentina. He jotted down his thoughts along with a picture of the popular local shoe that he had been wearing while there. With this exciting new idea and his new Argentinian shoe-making friend, he left for the US with 100 pair of TOMS to see what he could do. This was the beginning of what we now know as the great, the amazing TOMS shoes! The start of something that matters as an idea, a movement, and a new way to do business.

Each chapter reveals a little more of the TOMS story and how the company grew to be the image that they are today. Blake also shares some nifty tricks from life before TOMS and lots of stories of other companies that have started with big ideas.

Another thing that we love about this book is that Blake backs up his strategies of starting something that matters with real life stories of challenges that every business faces when they start out. Like people saying that Wal-Mart would never make it and like Method seeing what’s wrong and doing what’s right. This book will motivate and inspire you to take your ideas, face your fears, and truly start something that matters.

(Check out more book deets and other reviews on the Amazon page!)


Wanna read it? Wanna turn your passions into a movement for others?
Wanna share it? Know someone who has the passion to Start Something That Matters?
Answer these questions from page 36 and you could be the new recipient or giver of Start Something That Matters! :)

If you did not have to worry about money, what would you do with your time?
What kind of work would you want to do?
What cause would you serve?

Answer in a word or two, three sentences, or a paragraph! Just leave us a comment by Sunday and we will choose a winner in time for Christmas! Can't wait to hear what kinds of passions you all have!


  1. If I didnt have to worry about money, I would do volunteer work all day - probably helping at the thrift store b/c that goes to the local childrens home...

    Now if you really want to get serious, Id love to move to another country and take pictures - ones that missionaries and advocacy groups could use to bring awareness... bring light to the darkness so that people cannot pretend this stuff doesnt exist.

    The cause closest to my heart has always been women and children - orphans, sex traffic victims/survivors, people being abused... I always want to speak out for the ones who arent allowed to have a voice.

  2. You are awesome Addie!!! You are such a good photographer and will be a great tool to an organization. And if you are ever in San Antonio let us know because we are looking for a photographer that we can take with us when we do cool things.

    Also be hope to be launching some items in our LOVE shop next year that will raise funds and awareness for both Orphans and Sex Trafficking.

    Love you heart!

  3. if i didnt have to worry about, well it would make following this dream of mine a little easier :) i'd open a Christian bakery/coffee shop and spend the day investing in people who came in. part of the profits would go towards helping families to fund raise for adoption.

    on another note...after reading ya'lls comments i want to introduce you to a friend of mine who is involved in a start-ministry focused on sex trafficking...let's plan coffee after the new year :)


  4. Kara,

    Love you idea and we would love to talk and have coffee!
    (I don't drink coffee but I am actually thinking of starting, so many blogger friends do and getting together with them sounds like so much fun! Ha)

  5. I don't really drink coffee either, but hot chocolate works :)

  6. He He I don't like chocolate... maybe I'll just order dessert.

  7. thank yall... I would love to work with yall sometime - maybe God will set that up for us one day... :)

    Kara, I love your vision... great idea!