Monday, August 30, 2010

It's time to celebrate! ~ Giveaway #2

nother great non-profit that we love is our current church, Ecclesia!

We love their heart and their passion for the poor and the hurting. We love their vision for the city of Houston. We love that as they seek to purchase a new building to worship in they are on a mission to raise funds for new church buildings in Haiti. This is a great group of believers that we are glad to be a part of.

Our pastor, Chris Seay, is also an author, and has written some great books! One of his current projects is The Voice, "a fresh expression of the timeless narrative known as the Bible". We each received a copy of "the voice of psalms" as a gift recently at a Children's Ministry Volunteer appreciation dinner and we'd like to share one with you!

Again, everyone is welcome to enter every giveaway today! Our typical rules do apply- you must leave a comment to enter and if you are a follower your name will be placed in the hat twice! You may become a follower to get a second chance as well. Since this is a birthday party, in your comment be sure to tell us your favorite party game! Mine is Musical Chairs and Frankie's is Blindfolded Musical Chairs! :)

The winner will be announced at 2:30PM so hurry and enter!!



Congratulations, Anna!


  1. Enter me pleeeease . . . and my favorite birthday party game is dropping clothes pins into a milk bottle (it's old school)!

    Mom~ xo

  2. I'd like to enter the latest giveaway for the copy of The Voice of the Psalms.
    I can't do so on your blog because my computer doesn't "like" your security settings... :(
    But, if you will let me post here, then i will tell you that my favorite birthday party game is Flashlight Tag!

  3. oh i love games :) hmm, today i'll pick pin the tail on the donkey, it was always one i liked!! of course my favorite part of a party though is the cake!

    this giveaway looks like a great one too!

  4. I love pin the tail on the donkey.. it always gives me a laugh!

    Rachel Garcia House

  5. Sarah Penn MoralesAugust 30, 2010 at 1:24 PM games....I love charades!!!

    What a great giveaway!! =)

    ~ Sarah

  6. does a pinata count... always my favorite party activity... besides the cake and ice cream...

    following yall!

  7. I'm not sure if this comment will still count for the giveaway because I think my time zone is different then yours (plus I live in Canada) but I had to say that blindfolded musical chairs sounds SO fun.

    My favorite game would be a pinata. To much fun.

    Or maybe the snacks...