Monday, August 30, 2010

Time to celebrate! ~ Giveaway #5

For our last giveaway we wanted to do something really fun, so we are going to introduce you to "Our Friend" TOMS! That's right! Another TOMS Shoe Giveaway!

TOMS (short for "tomorrow") makes shoes that are really comfy, bright, light weight, and just plain fun! But the best part is that for every pair they sell, they send a pair to a child who needs shoes. :) (That part always makes me smile!) So go visit the TOMS site (found on the "Our Friends" tab) and pick a pair and we will let you know if you win!

Same rules apply. If you leave a commet you will be entered once, if you are or become a follower we will add your name again for a higher chance of winning. Just let us know what your favorite pair is! I wear my black classics every day and Taylor loves her Ash pair!



So we really really really wish we could give everyone a pair!!!






Congrats Lexie!!! We are happy for you!!!


  1. I had no clue they were short for tomorrow! That's sweet.

    Welllll if I won...geeze I have no earthly clue which one I'd get! Maybe just the plain white ones...and thn find somebody super creative to paint them...or maybe the classic black like you suggested. Iyy too many to chose from!!!

  2. Wow!! Where do most of the donated shoes go? Any specific countries? That is such a cool idea! I'm gonna order me some TOMS shoes!! Also, how do I become a follower? Do I need to have a blog? I love what you guys are doing! Keep it up!! ~ Sarah Penn Morales

  3. Sarah, just click the "Follow" button on the right of our blog and it will take you through the rest. You don't need a blog just an e-mail address! Good Luck to you both!

  4. LOVE TOMS! The whole idea rocks and they are SO comfy.

    I would pick the Navy Canvas Classics. They are a nice dark color so they will stay cleaner looking when I go to Uganda! Or maybe I would get the white ones so they can look all "african dirty" by the time I head home! Or maybe, just maybe, I would get the brown Madras because I adore plaid. (:

  5. You guys are the sweetest. I knew a little about Toms shoes. Really think they are doing the very assignment God has given them. You two are amazing as well. Keep doing great things for God. We see he is and has blessed you two in everything you have done. God Bless.

    Very interested in knowing more, will go and look up more info. about Toms shoes.

    I like the ones in the picture on you blog.

  6. I haven't checked into toms but I've heard of them. I hope Taylor is wearing the shoes and not frankie. ;) unless there were guy shoes too. Then I won't have any problem with Frankie wearing classic black. :)

  7. Get out!!!!!!!!!! Totally just texted all my friends and ran to the kitchen to tell my whole family! They're all jealous! ;)

    Wow! Y'all have blessed me! Thank you soo much! I'lll be writing a post soon telling everybody about the toms I won from a sweet lilttle newly wedd couple on my moms blog soon!


    Thank you Taylor and Frankie!