Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Campaign '10

Our latest adventure involved a full tank of gas, a vacation day, and two sneaky kids. We decided that the best place for us to be yesterday afternoon was home with our family waiting for the results... but that wasn't until 3:30 of course... So we packed up and headed out of town and surprised everyone! Most importantly my Dad! We were happy to be there to support him in his adventure. Now, the election is over and it's not good news for our write in campaign, but we gave it our all and that's all we could do. Thanks everyone for your support! Dad we are so proud of you!!!

A few pictures from the results party...

It surely was a fun night with family despite the results of the campaign!

Now I am back to work and Taylor got dropped off in San Antonio for the rest of the week! We'll meet up again for the weekend and for some more adventures!

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  1. Thanks for the surprise, and thanks for letting me have your sweet wife for a few days, Frankie!

    Love you guys~