Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A different kind of Christmas

Tomorrow is December and the shopping has begun, but before the madness sets in we wanted to share with you another way to give this season and also feature some really great blogging hearts. Last week a giveaway took place at oneblessednest (Taylor's Mom's Blog). For the second year, Tina has posted the Advent Conspiracy video followed with a little giveaway. To enter you have to share how you plan on doing Christmas differently. Last year was fun, and I won one of the prizes.- But this year takes the cake!

I did not enter this year, because we were not really sure how Christmas was going to work this year, and we were way too busy last week. But I did make it a point to go back and read the comments and it was so encouraging to hear so many people saying things like...

"We want more time together, not more stuff!"

How great of a statement is that? Last night on our drive back to Houston, Taylor and I were talking about our decision to not participate in one of our family's gift exchanges, and how bad we felt for not taking part. But to us it wasn't about family or even the gifts because we would just exchange gift cards. So we wanted to take a break from the game and decided that this year we would just be there to see people. After reading the comments posted on Tina's contest we feel like this was a really great idea. Mostly because we are not alone in wanting more for Christmas. More then a present can give. More then a gift card can hold. More then our own hearts desires. We want more!!!! More time with family, more memories, more game nights, more sugar cookies, more smores, more hugs, more lunches with friends, more movie and popcorn nights, more ice cream dinners, more of life. But not just for ourselves, we want more children to find families, we want more families to have clean water to drink, we want meals to feed the hungry, and blankets for the homeless, we want work for the unemployed, we want good health for the sick, we want love for the lonely, we want more to give more this year. Give more of their time, of their talents, of their stories, of their mercy, of their cheer, of their compassion, and more of their hearts. Put a stamp on that and mail it to Santa!

We are not talking about giving up gifts but just a reminder about what is really important. And looking at ourselves and wondering if what we have and what we want is what we need. Thanks to everyone who entered the Oneblessednest Giveaway for sharing your hearts and ideas to have a truly meaningful Christmas this year. You can read all of them at the link above.


  1. Wow FZ. Way to hammer it home! Put a stamp on that and mail it to Santa!!

    "And looking at ourselves and wondering if what we have and what we want is what we need."

    Words to take to heart. Words to live by.

    Thank you Frankie (and Taye) for inspiring me. Thank you for your hearts.

    I love you,


  2. You two are incredible. In.Cre.Di.Ble. I am constantly blown off of my chair by your depth of insight, your passion for the Lord, your servant heart. Blown. A. Way. As a mother it is my prayer that we are raising up young men who ache to be His hands on this earth. Who seek after Him with reckless abandon and follow Him with every ounce of themselves. Thank you for giving me a picture of what that looks like in a young couple. You inspire me.