Thursday, January 27, 2011

DNow & Hayden Moore

Disciple Now is coming to Journey Fellowship soon, and Taylor was asked a while ago to lead a group of 6-7th grade girls for a weekend in a host home. DNow is all new to me and I get pretty excited when I see Taylor and Taylor (Journey's Youth Minister) talking and e-mailing about it. I can only imagine the kind of impact this will make on these young hearts. Taylor is pretty excited too, since the theme is "Thirst". How cool that it fits right in with what we have been focusing on for the past year!

I have also been reading a little bit about it on another blog that we read. Kim, at celebrating everyday life, and her incredible family just hosted a group for DNow teenage boys. A bunch of teengage boys! lol! Hayden, one of her sons, was a leader of the weekend and this is a clip of some of the sermon he shared over the weekend. His passion is a great inspiration to us. I hope God can use us in the same way.

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