Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Not Everything... But Something!

Twitter is a constant encouragement to us. We follow writers, pastors, friends, and organizations. There are at least many tweets weekly that really inspire us. Here is what is on our mind today.

@MaxLucado: No one can do everything about the suffering and unfairness in our world, but everyone can do something.

This idea is one not unfamiliar to our readers, but one that is good to be reminded of time and again. What a relief to know that we are not responsible for all the changes that need to take place in this world. We are not responsible for feeding every child, providing clean water in every country, or adopting every orphan. But we are all responsible for part of it. We alone as individuals are not called to heal every hurt and right every wrong but when we do the things each of us are called to do then together we can do everything. The things that God puts on your heart to take care of, you are responsible for. Do the things that you can do and know that you are making a difference.

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