Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Optimus Prime Saves African Orphans

Twitter is a constant encouragement to us. We follow writers, pastors, friends, and organizations. There are at least many tweets weekly that really inspire us. Here is what is on our mind today. Here is what is on our mind today.

Superheroes are always saving the world, but from what? Batman vs Joker. Spiderman vs Venom. What if Superheroes really did save the world from things that are real issues? Things that we try to bring attention to here on our blog- hungry children, clean water, cures for diseases. Can you imagine Superman drilling wells in Africa? Or the kids from Captain Planet actually cleaning our world up? How great would that be?! @scottthepainter recently posted this image titled Optimus Prime Saves Africa Orphans. Now that would really be cool. I guess until these superheros show up we will have to take their places.

You can find this image here and even buy a print of it.

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