Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunny Saturday: Austin and Rodeo

This Sunny Saturday was a bit gray but we didn't let that stop us! 

 We woke up early and loaded up the kids and hit the road! 

 Our destination was Austin, Texas!

After a great day and some ice cream we headed back to San Antonio to drop off some really tired kids and headed to the Rodeo!

Great weekend!

Hope your's was just as pleasant!  


  1. Dear Taylor & Frankie,

    Thank you for the field trip to Austin, it was Au-some! Mom and Dad say thank you too, 'cause they had a fun day together. Thank you for all of the cool stuff we got to see and do. Thank you for loving us soooo much. We love you sooo much, too!


    Brogan & Teddi

  2. cute post :)


  3. Anytime Teddi and Brogan! We loved having you along for our Adventure. :)


    Thanks, we had so much fun. :)

  4. i like these comments! ;) ~Tay