Sunday, November 15, 2009

CHF Southwest Grand Opening

Last weekend we were back in San Antonio for Children's Hunger Fund's Southwest Grand Opening! It was a great day- the weather was beautiful, the sky was blue, and there were balloons at the entrance!!! (We love balloons!) The inside of the building was just as great. A lot of hard work and dedication was finally revealed!

At the start of the tour we walked through the break room to the assembly room. Here we were stopped to see a long line of kids that spanned the whole length of the room- youth volunteers from CBC. A rolling surface moves box after box after box, from one end to the other while the kids place there designated item into the box. From the rollers, the box is taken, packed, sealed, and stacked. This is the room where all of the processing will be done, and with the new layout and set up, boxes can be assembled so much more efficiently!

We were then moved through sliding doors into the training room,. This is where the important relational training takes place to teach people how to distribute the boxes to local families. Everyone who wants to hand out Food Paks needs to go through this training in this beautiful new room. There were also vegetable trays and fruit trays for snacking - they treat you real god when you volunteer! Yum!

Next on the tour was a room that we had been in before when we helped process the boxes a few posts back... But this new and improved room had shelves with stocked water, rice, beans, canned food, toys= everything you need to run an organizations as great as this one! Much of it was recently donated. At the end of each aisle was a table stacked with items and a description of what it is, how it serves, and how it is distributed.

Chairs filled the center of the room and a stage was make of Food Pak boxes! In each chair was a book mark and a card. Everyone picked a seat after taking the tour and waited for the opening ceremony to start. We got to meet and visit with James Massey, the Missions Coordinator at Oak Hills church. During the ceremony we heard from about five different people, all of them excited and thankful for the great things that are happening in San Antonio with the opening of this new location. Lot of prayers, lots of praise, lots of cheers for CHF and God's plans for the future! At the end, everyone was asked to fill out the card to support CHF through prayer and the bookmark is to help us remember the different points of the ministry pray for. At the end of the morning we got to meet and see a lot of great people. Dave Phillips, founder of CHF, and Michael Richards, Regional Director, and our friend Charlene Webster :) were there as well as a few more people from CHF- sorry we can't remember everyone's name! We even made a new friend Amy, Hi Amy! It was a great day, and we has such a good time! We were glad to be a part of such an exciting event and so excited about what God is going to do through the new location and all the wonderful volunteers who serve there! We even left with two new really cool shirts!

Check out our morning in pictures:

the training room

Dave Phillips

Us and Charlene!

Sweet, new shirts!
(The back has a picture of the Food Pak and also the website.)

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