Friday, November 13, 2009

More Free Food!!

So we haven't bought groceries for 3 weeks!!! We've been living off the free food from G'ma's house and whatever else we had in the pantry when we started. We planned to go without grocery shopping for only two weeks, but by the end, we still had tons of food leftover! So we started week 3!

This week has been a little more difficult since we've pretty much run out of breakfast foods and snacks...but take a look at the picture above...all of this we have recieved for free this week! Free samples in the mail from my new favorite website-, free snacks after donating blood, free Whataburgers for wearing orange on Tuesday, and 2 free $10 Panera gift cards from the mall! Plus, my mom sends us home with leftovers everytime we visit! lol! Also, Frankie's week has been packed with lunch meetings and office dinners where he feasts on someone elses dollar!

So we have made it through 3 whole weeks of Food Pak inspired eating without spending a dime on groceries!!! (Although, we did slip a few times on the last week and had some fast food meals...totally unplanned. :/ But they were still pretty cheap.)

We still have some canned goods left in the pantry so we will see what happens next week!

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