Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Seed A Need

one seed. one vision. millions affected.

We just got our seed a need cards in the mail and we are so excited!! Agent J first introduced us to seed a need through her blog. (Thanks J!) The idea is to change the world through unlimited good deeds from one person to the next. Seed a need sends out cards with the seed a need logo, the website, and card number, and these simple instructions:

Perform an act of kindness to someone
Then give them the card
or have someone give it to them.

"Give and it shall be given" Luke 6:38

The cool part about this project is that everytime the card is passed, the recipient of the good deed can go online and leave a comment about what happened. If everyone does this, then each card tracks all of the good that is being done and also where the card is! How neat is that?!

So don't just sit around and wait for a card to come to you! Get in on the fun by going to the website and signing up- you will recieve 3 seed a need cards to start your mission! (While you're there, check out the great ideas the site has to get you started!)

The SEED of good deeds become a tree of life! Proverbs 11:30

Stay tuned to find out how we will seed needs!

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