Sunday, December 6, 2009

Seed-A-Need Update

We've been keeping our eyes open for Needs to Seed, but before we could get one, we were unexpectedly Seeded!! LOL!!

We woke up early yesterday to take Frankie's car to the shop to get some work done, but due to the snow, (the wonderful, glorious, magnificent snow!), all of the car windows were iced!!! Because we live in Texas we were quite unprepared for this! As we stood around scratching our heads, a neighbor, who was on his way out, ran back upstairs and returned with a can of "De-ice". This small random act of kindness saved the day!

So, we were Seeded... and now we have a great oppurtunity to meet our neighbor when we return the can to thank him!

So thanks God for the snow and all of the seeds that sprouted from it! :)

(If you look closely, you can see our kind neighbor in the background, running back upstairs! Thank you!!)

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