Thursday, December 10, 2009

Chump Change for Pump Change!

So we have been visiting Ecclesia for a few weeks and we really like it. Their messages just keep capturing us every time we go and we leave excited and eager to change things around us. During this season of advent, they are focusing on true peace, shalom, in our families, neighborhoods, cities and how the birth of Christ can bring it.

During this season of Worshipping Fully and Giving More we are excited about joining in on their latest project! On Sunday they launched “Chump Change for Pump Change”. So for the rest of the year we will be collecting our loose change in jars and on January 10th, in celebration of Epiphany, we will turn that change over to Ecclesia and they will use that to build clean water wells in India! If you want to help us out we will be carrying a bag with the Chump Change for Pump Change with us everywhere we go. Just find us and drop in a few pennies. (Journey people we will be at 9 o’clock – hint hint ;) ) Or if you want to start your own jar, we have more stickers!

1 comment:

  1. Love it!!! Just might have a little chump change to throw in, if you come askin'!

    Love you both~