Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas Creativity

Christmas is just around the corner and we are so busy making gifts for family and friends along with getting ready for our Christmas adventure up North! (More on that later!) This year we decided to give everyone on our list a donation to a charity or organization that fits them best paired with a home made gift (or something inexpensive that was wished for)! We are having so much fun spending time together, making these secret things and can't wait to to share what we did for everyone! But they have to open it first.... and before that we have to finish making them...

If you are doing something fun this year to join in the spirit of Advent Conspiracy let us know! We would love you hear your creative ideas! (To read some really awesome ideas, check out this blog post and all the great comments of how others are Doing Things Differently!)

And if you want to join in on the giving, here are a few places we like:

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