Thursday, February 11, 2010

Christmas Gifts ~ Given and Received

We are finally getting around to posting our Christmas gifts! We were so excited about it in December, but we couldn't post about it until the recipients had opened their gifts as not to spoil all the great surprises! (And obviously we couldn't post about the gifts we received until after we opened them! lol!) And believe it or not, we just recently finished gifting! Since we went to Michigan to celebrate with my family during Christmas, Frankie's sister and mom came up to celebrate before, and we finally now made it down to Devine to celebrate with his dad and step mom! Way to drag it on, I know! But we've gifted and now it's time to share!

The big idea this year was to spend less on our gifts for our family members so that we could spend more in honor of them to help others. It's just a win-win deal! So to spend less, we had to get creative! We took advantage of sales, made handmade gifts, bought via cheaper dealers, and just simply cut back! With the saved money we donated a set amount according to individual interests or to correspond with the gifts! It was really fun choosing what and how to donate for each person!

Here's what we did!: (For larger pictures, just click.)

Slippers for Frankie's Dad and Rose and shoes through Children's Hunger Fund!

A sewing machine cover for Frankie's mom, and seeds through World Vision. The fabric on the inside of the reversible, homemade cover represents the seeds.

A purse for Frankie's sister and medicines through World Vision! Also represented on the inside of the reversible, homemade purse! (Kathy is a pharmacy tech!)

Crackers and cheese for Dad with a wine tray! (An "add your own wine kit"!) But we turned the wine to water and donated through charity:water!

A picture and scripture we put together for mom, along with a donation to Morning Star Foundation, an orphanage very dear to her heart.

For my older brother, his all time favorite movie that he didn't own and a good ol' Food Pak! ("Stealing from the rich to give to the poor!" lol! Cept we didn't steal it!)

For my younger Brother, a movie he wanted and a donation to a homeless ministry that he loves.

For the little kids, we made a set of wooden people to go with their wooden block set. We also donated toys through Children's Hunger Fund!

And here's some of the awesome gifts we received!:

A whole bunch of change for "Chump Change for Pump Change" for Ecclesia, a beautiful painting purchased through the Etsy shop "Water for Christmas" (all proceeds went towards clean water projects!), a cook book for eating simply! ;), a "Water for Christmas" water bottle, TOMs shoes giftcards!!!, H2Africa decals for our cars, a "Water for Christmas" bracelet :D, and a Product (RED) shirt whose proceeds benefit Aids medicine!

Thanks to our wonderful families for these gifts, and for teaching us that giving is even greater than receiving and that receiving can also be giving! :D Merry Christmas, everyone! ;)

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