Thursday, February 18, 2010

What you're missing out on if you're not "Hip2Save"!

Exciting Update!
This is a collection of stuff from last Monday through today. We've been busy! Check out the stats below.

Total Value: $130.56
Total Paid: $4.61
Total Saved: $125.95 (96%)


I was so "hip" 2day! :D

I frequently take advantage of and for neat-o freebies and awesome deals! I just wanted to share this particular deal with you from today- all thanks to our friend Collin at Hip2Save!

Check it out:
Guess how much I paid for all these wonderful little items?! Ready...? Drumroll please...!
A grand total of $.31!!!! (Total savings of $14.09!) Amazing, I know! It made my day!

Here's how it worked:
Target currently is having lots of great deals where when you buy a certain amount of participating items you recieve a $5 Target giftcard. These little oatmeals were priced at just $1.02, and after buying 5 you get the $5 Target giftcard! $.10 total for 5 Oatmeals! :D This is so accessbile without any couponing, hurry go do it!! (I also used a $1 off coupon to make them completely free and took $.80 off the rest of my purchase!)

The Picktureka (very fun!) card game was priced at just $5.24, so with a $5 off coupon = $.24!

The travel size bottle of Baby Shampoo costs $.97, but with a $1 off coupon (that doesn't exclude travel size ;) I received $.03 off my total purchase.

The Orbit gum was on sale for $2 and I also had $1 coupon for this. With all the other discounts off my total, this came out to be just $.07!

To make this deal even better, I received a Target giftcard for Christmas, so that $.31 didn't even come out of pocket! Ha! Love it. :)

*To just browse some awesome coupons visit!

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