Monday, February 15, 2010

Menu Monday - Plan B

Last week's shopping didn’t go as planned. We tried to save money by using gift cards and handouts but we still ended up spending almost the full budget. Well, this week we finally got it! When Taylor’s mom was here last she introduced us to Big Lots grocery shopping. Cheap groceries!!! What a great find! This inspired us to do a whole four weeks with Big Lots! And to help us further save money for our trip (that has now been pushed back to June- which gives us even more time to save! ;) we found a coupon for 20% off our total purchase!

So basically, we ended up buying a month of groceries for just over $27!! (Plus milk and bread as needed.) We put the money we saved using the coupon into our "vacation cup" and now we are about $12 up! Now we may be able to eat off the McDonald's dollar menu all the way up to New Haven! LOL! But we still have a few ideas to save up even more... that's for a later post.

Check out some of our great prices! (For a larger picture, just click!)

Have a good week! Also we will hopefully be posting about our giving for January this week, so stay tuned!

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