Thursday, March 18, 2010

CHF + Haiti

Children's Hunger Fund is a great organization that we both love. We first really got involved with CHF at a "Bigger Than You" city wide gathering with Oak Hills Church in San Antonio. CHF was there to distribute 10,000 Food Paks to be filled and returned to bless the hungry in the city of San Antonio. We grabbed some boxes then and from that moment our lives were changed. We have come to know and love the heart of this group and the ways that God is working through them.

One of the things that we really like about CHF is that they are active in our city- giving food, sharing love, and making a difference. But they also work internationally doing great things for people around the globe. For this month's giving (February, actually) we have decided to participate in their campaign to raise $65,000.00 for tents, water, and food to help the people of Haiti.

"For about $65 each, we should be able to supply a family with a waterproof tent and a household water filter to help them through this crisis. In addition, we will supply Food Paks and French Creole bibles for the churches to provide as ministry tools. Again, our desire is to supply these items to a minimum of 1,000 impacted families. To do so, we are seeking to raise at least $65,000 in the next few days." ~ CHF

This is a bit more than what we had decided to donate each month, but we are so blessed and the need is so great. Praying that as people continue to become aware of how great the need still is and the pratical ways to help that God will continue to move hearts to care for His people.

Thank you CHF for what you do! Thank you for allowing us to be a part of it! Thank you God for blessing us so abundantly so that we can give so abudantly!

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