Monday, March 29, 2010

Menu Monday Double Post

Last week was just one of those weeks, again. Getting back on schedule from Spring Break and just catching up with Frankie since I was gone for half the week. So not a lot of posting! We actually didn't post at all which is a shame, because we had some great Menu Monday news to share! Last Sunday night, we again had dinner with our friend Amy before her contract was up here in Houston. It was great to visit with her again and share a meal but she brought us a great blessing too- all her leftover food from the time that she's been living here! How thoughtful to think of us; most people would just toss it! We're so thankful for her friendship and her food! ;)

So last week we finished up another two week cycle of groceries and we actually had quite a bit leftover. God just seems to keep us adequately supplied! Since we did have some hearty leftovers and Amy gave us so much we decided to pick up a couple essentials for this week and save the rest for our trip fund...which, by the way, we tested out this week. ;) Some friends invited us to lunch on Saturday, and not wanting our Food Challenge to hinder our social lives, we accepted. We decided to go ahead and pull from our trip fund to pay for this meal. We did mangage to find a coupon for free queso and shared a meal to cut our costs...we ended up paying under $8 for our meal out! Not too bad! And after this cycle, we'll be able to add about another $20 into that fund! So it works pretty nicely. :)

This is a lot of food for us at one time! Our freezer is usually empty!

The few items we picked up for the next two weeks are eggs, oatmeal, and ice cream! This is of course a special treat but we weren't shopping out of pocket! Remember that $10 CVS giftcard we mentioned awhile back? We finally decided to use it since we were only getting a couple things...turns out we picked a good time to spend it! The ice cream was on sale 2/$3, the eggs only $1.50, and we hit up some really good clearance! We found a whole stash of stuff that was around 90% off!!! Ice cream cones for $.10, oatmeal for $.10, candies for $.09 and $.16, and lots of other cheap goodies! Needless to say, we made great use of that free gift card!


  1. I just love Blue Bell Southern Blackberry Cobbler its just soo yummy. I actually just bought it here for my Dallas apt!!! I really enjoyed the meals we shared together and I'll give you guys a call if I am in the Houston area again.

  2. yep, the Blackberry Cobbler is mine... it's pretty much the best...