Sunday, April 4, 2010

Extreme Makeover!

Tonight's episode of Extreme Makeover Home Edition was for the Beach Family, from Kemah, Texas. And Taylor was lucky enough to go to the home reveal! So to celebrate the show and pass time till it started we decided to have a makeover of our own...

Welcome to Extreme Makeover Niche Edition!!!


We have a sort of awakward area in our apartment... a catch all of a sort. Well, it's time to put on the hard hats and get to work....


Disaster Zone!

Clean up time...

Hard at work!
(Actual EHME hard hat from the site!)


Welcome to your new Crafting Area, Rodriguez Family!!!

And the budget? Today we shopped at IKEA with a 10% Easter discount. The only thing we purchased for this little makeover were the two shelves shown above. On sale and with the discount they totaled only $38.00...$2 less than an amount we had stashed away from a little bit of Craigslisting a found ottoman...we found an ottoman that a neighbor had left by the dumpster, enjoyed it for a bit in our apartment, then sold it on Craigslist for $40! Thanks mystery neighbor for our new shelves! :)

The actual show was really moving. The Beach family really deserves every bit of love that they recieved. It was exciting to follow and in a way be apart of it all. If you watched the show you might have seen Taylor in the background with her sign!... if not you can catch it online soon.

Welcome home, Beach family! Welcome home, sweet Mercy!


  1. WOW!!! What an amazing makeover--for FREE (minus the hard labor)! :) Great job guys! I am VERY impressed!! How fun to have a new usable space!

    The show was the best, and the Beach Family was so deserving! Taye, I'm happy that you were able to be a part of such a wonderful thing!!

    Great post!

    Love you guys!


  2. wow, great job guys! i'm sad i missed the show, we were busy w Easter family stuff. hope to catch it sometime though.