Monday, April 12, 2010

Menu Monday

Our cup runneth over!

We successfully grocery shopped within budget last night for weeks 15 and 16! The trip to Kroger was a mess... We went with a partial list, some idea of what we had in the pantry (the neverending boxes of potatoes, some flour, candy, lol), and some ideas from what was on sale from the Kroger ad. So back and forth in the grocery store, choosing and putting back, and also buying items to bake 10 dozen cookies (to contribute to the 1000 that our church needs for an upcoming prison ministry event!) and dishwasher detergent (which is expensive)! Our total was thrown off and we were quite frustrated with the whole event, but after coming home and recalculating our actual food budget total we ended up at only $19.02! $.98 under budget!!! Hooray!

So we ended up with all this. It looks a bit random and weird. It definitely has some differences than what we've bought before, but I think it's gonna be good! On the menu: homemade calzones, saugsage and potatos, some leftovers from last week, veggie-chicken-rice casserole, tuna, and pb&j of course!
We bought the tuna to finish up the mayo we bought for sandwhiches and deviled eggs for our Easter picnic. We also bought a larger container of yeast this time which is way less expensive in the long run! We actually cereal shopped for the first time all year; in the beginning we had quite a few boxes we had got a really good deal on all together, then we had a super cheap clearanced box of Captain Crunch from Big Lots, then a free box of Kashi. So this was not fun...I just picked the cheapest box...we'll see. The peanut butter pictured above is a combination of three jars (from Mom, Amy, and ours) and it's more than sufficient! We also have jelly from Mom and Amy still so we didn't have to purchase either of these pricier items! And Frankie will continue to make his delicious homemade bread! :)

Also looking forward to this little freebie I forgot about until we got home and started putting stuff away in the pantry...


It should be a good couple of weeks, friends! I really feel like we have plenty of food!

Come back soon for an update on those 10 dozen homemade cookies!

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  1. Great job, super shoppers! Dad will be so proud to know that you consolidated your peanut butter! lol

    Love you,