Monday, April 19, 2010

Menu Monday: Hello and Goodbye

We had a fun weekend and finally found some time to say "Goodbye" to Houston and "Hello" to San Antonio!

It's been 2 months since we have both been able to drive down together. We spent the time visiting family all over the area.

We also got to say "Goodbye" to our San Antonio pastor and his family, who are moving along on their journey to OK. We will miss you, Dyes!

And "Hello" to a new member of the family!

(Frankie's cousin, Tina and her husband David's beautiful 2nd baby boy!)

But the fun isn't over... after we recoup for a few days in Houston, Taylor's brother Brady is coming up for a visit ("Hello Brady!") before he moves to Washington ("Goodbye, Brady!").

More Goodbyes to the potatoes, carrots, frozen pizzas and ice cream that have been hanging around the kitchen, we will miss you. ;)

And Hello to the surprise supply of snacks and food from the moms and grandma- we are so blessed to have you!

And of course "Hello" to our Readers! How are you? Hope you have a good week! Goodbye for now. :)


  1. Great post! Very creative! Loved saying "Hello" to you Frankie, after that long stretch! The "goodbye"--not so much. I'm not real excited about Brady's "goodbye" either (or the Dyes), but then life is full of changes, and this is one (make that two) of them. I do like saying "hello" to my newest high school grad, though! Hellooooo Brady!

    Hello baby Adrian, and welcome to the world!! Such sweetness!

    Love you guys, great song too--I wonder how many days it will be stuck in my head. :)

    Mom~ xo