Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Bless Your Heart, Bless Your Feet Giveaway!

Our readers know that we have always been a huge fan of TOMS shoes, especially since we got TOMS giftcards for Christmas! This was so exciting, we had always wanted TOMS and now we each had a pair, but choosing which ones was the hardest part... and of course waiting for them to come in the mail (and if your Taylor, sending them back for a larger size and having to wait even longer). But they are the coolest shoes ever! I've been wearing mine since the day I got them- to work, to shop, to church, to drive. I've worn them so much that I've actually had to stitch up a few holes!

Well this weekend, we were playing host to our great friend Rachel and she, along with her sister Katie, own a giftique in Bracken Village called "Bless Your Heart"! You can always find TOMS at BYH (well girls can), but this week they are doing something awesome with TOMS. Last Saturday they hosted a TOMS "Style Your Sole" party with paint, markers, and a handful of local artists to help you create. Basic TOMS are canvas which makes them perfect to turn into a one-of-a-kind work of art. We wish we could have been there but we were celebrating a wedding here in Houston (Congrats Allison and Josh!), and if you couldn't make it either don't worry! All this week BYH is hosting a silent auction to benefit The Mentoring Project. The items that are up for bid? Custom designed TOMS made just for you by awesome artists! All you have to do is browse through the select artists and bid on the one you like, highest bidder wins!

Now that we have Blessed your Heart we want to Bless Your Feet! That's right, we want to give one of our readers a pair of TOMS! Everyone gets three chances to win- (1) first go to the TOMS website to browse all the awesome styles and leave us a comment telling us which pair you like best! (2) Also, if you are a follower or become a follower you'll get a second chance (must leave a comment as stated in (1) to be entered)! (3) And, if you're truly a TOMS fan and place a bid at Bless Your Heart's Facebook Auction we will enter you for a third time!

If you didn't think it could get any better, for every pair of TOMS sold, TOMS sends a pair to child with no shoes! So what are you waiting for? Bless Your Heart, Bless Your Feet, then bless someone else's feet :) Good luck!

BYH's Auction will end at 6PM on Saturday, 26th. TaylorFrankie entries must be in by the end of Saturday (26th) and winners will be anounced in next week's Menu Monday.


  1. In all honesty, I want the Tiny Toms Pink Glitter Shoes, but would probably have to settle (although they still rock!) for the Ash Classics in a youth size (I have tiny feet!)

    I wish I could participate in the auction, but alas, no facebook here for me... boo for me...

    you two are awesome!

  2. you guys are just f-u-n!! so creative and always thinking of others :) have to tell you that you got me to go look at the TOMS website..i've heard of them for a long time and you were successful in getting me ot check them out.
    my pick????.....
    charcoal harbour women's cordones or maroon bridgeport linen!

    -kara starr

    there ya go! keep inspiring others :)

  3. Can relatives enter? :)

    Like a mom?

    #1--If so, my favorite TOMS are the Red Bridgeport Linen Women's Classic!

    #2--I'm a follower!

    Love you guys, and I'll try and get you linked up tomorrow! Sorry I missed this when you first posted . . .

    I'm so proud!


  4. Yay!!!! Thanks so much for the Blog love!!! It was so fun to hang out with ya'll last weekend!

  5. Yay! I had never heard of TOMS until i saw it on the BYH facebook page.
    I'm a follower here, and my favorite pairs are the natural canvas women's classics and the Blue Harbour Womens Cardones.
    We really miss you guys!
    Blessings and lots of love,

  6. I read your moms blog! Love the blue green tharp womans classic! I'm becoming a follower as soon as I leave this comment! So much fun! Thanks, guys and can't wait to read more of your blog!


  7. oh so i didnt know i could sign in using the googledocs email my teacher made me get lol hope yall are doing good-love reading your blog!! that being said lol the Black Siebe Perforated Nylon Women's Classics are super cute! :)oh and i'm a follower, i think, i think i did it right lol

  8. Hey Bro and Sis, I would love to win a pair of TOMS for my birthday, so pick my name!!!
    I would like the women's classics but in blue or grey.


  9. I just found your blog! This is an awsome idea and I am loving your blog so far. My favorite TOMS are the Black Siebe Perforated Nylon Women's Classics but its so hard to pick. They are all so great. I am also going to become a follower right away (and read up on old blog posts).


  10. Wow! Great blogging runs in the family! I am signing up to become a follower, when I figure out how to do that. I like the green siebe perforated nylon women's classic, and the navy canvas classic and well, lots of others - such cute shoes!! Never heard of Tom's, but they sure look comfortable! Looking forward to following along...

  11. Red classics!

  12. It's the green costeau organic cottons for me! I liked Jacque Costeau on TV when I grew up, but I also like the shoe I just saw! I know your Mom Taylor via blogging and have known your Aunt Amy for a long, blessed time! Love your ideas you two! Keep loving God and each other!

    Bonnie Z.