Monday, June 28, 2010

Menu Monday and our TOMS Giveaway Winner!!

Well, we thought we were getting back to normal... Last week we had a ton of fun and if you follow our Twitter updates on the blog you might have noticed that we ate out almost every day! That's right! And we didn't pay a dime (well except for tips, we like to thank our waiters!) Last week's adventures included two shared burgers with sides, a breakfast on a bun for each of us, our Wednesday small group dinner, and an art gallery opening that included a very nice spread of pasta and cheese cake! :)
Sometimes the blessings are just so wonderful. I remember when we started this whole project and I was very concerned about how we were going to make it- money was tight at the time too, but as we were sitting down at a nice restaurant waiting for a delicious cheeseburger I started to laugh at myself. Here I was worrying about how we were going to pay bills and eat, and there my wife was printing of coupons for free things! I haven't worried much since that day! Our Provider looks out for us and knows what we need!
My Mother-in-law was just telling us a story about this last week... after showing some "crazy love" to a friend, she went shopping and stopped into a pizza shop to grab something to go, and as soon as she ordered the guy handed her a pizza and said "Have a good day." FREE PIZZA! He has just scratched off a coupon and won a free pizza so he passed it onto her. Once she got home she had an e-mail from the friend saying that she was sorry for not thanking her sooner and that she knew the LORD would bless her for her kindness. :) How cool, right?! If loving people means free pizza then sign me up! ;) Tina has always encouraged us and loved us and we would like to say thanks, Mom, for being so supportive! :)

Now, since this is a Menu Monday post we need to get down to business... This week is going to be a piece of cake... or, well, pie (pizza pie that is!) Taylor is gone yet again- this time she is going to be headed to Michigan to visit extended family. So it's just me, and if you haven't learned by now I could live on pizza for the rest of my life!
So let's see... we talked about last week, this week, Taylor's trip, my love for pizza... I guess the only thing left to do is to announce the winner! So with out further ado, our giveaway results!

Thank you to all our entrants! (And thank you to all our followers, in green!)
Shake 'em up!
A blindfolded Brogan to draw the name!
And the winner is...
My very own Mom, a very dedicated reader and follower!
Congrats, Mom! We hope we've blessed your feet as much as you have blessed so many others! :D
Thank you to all of our readers, our new friends and our old friends, and those who are still being sneaky but blessed none the less by our posts! We enjoy your comments and your love! :)


  1. congrats to your mom!! loved the post too :)


  2. Great post FZ and Taye, and . . .

    Woooohoooooo for TOMS! My Crazy Lovin' continues to be returned! Thank you Jesus!

    Love you guys!


  3. WOO HOO Tina!!! God's crazy love is indescribable and unending and taylor made perfect for our lives..congrats!

    He is faithful,