Monday, June 14, 2010

Menu Monday

Somehow we managed to eat almost all of the food we bought last week!!

Having Brogan and Teddi here was a blast and after I sort through some pics I'll post some of the good ones! (I took over 150 at the Children's Museum alone! Oh my!)

We figured spending $20 of our own and $20 from Mom would be good for while the kids were here and for this week, but I guess we didn't realize how much four people can eat in one week! Lol! We do have a little bit of leftovers (like the delicious foil pack we shared tonight!) and Mom left a couple of goodies behind (SunChips, waffles, cereal, milk, bagels, bread, and some sandwich fixins!) from their weekend here in Houston. We're gonna try and make do since we already spent our bi-weekly budget.

Here's some pictures from Homemade Pizza Night!
The kids absolutely loved it!

Only two more weeks until I leave for MI with my parents! Most of my extended family lives there and it's great to visit! From the end of that trip I'll meet Frankie in NY to go to CT to see our friends! Hopefully all of our savings will add up and we'll enjoy some great food while having a great time visiting! :D

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  1. Mmmmm, those are some pretty pizzas! Thank you for cooking with my babies . . . and for feeding them, entertaining them, doing their laundry, reading stories, playing games, doing clay, taking field trips, swimming (lots) . . . the list goes on! THANK YOU from the bottom of my very rested heart!

    Love you both,