Thursday, September 9, 2010

4th Annual ALS Benefit!

On our birthday we shared a little with you about the ALS Benefit but we want to share a little more...

Every year, our family and friends put on an ALS Benefit to raise money to find a cure for Lou Gehrig's Disease. We put in the time and the money and the people in our little town rally together to put on a fun and eventful evening. Our inspiration is our Tia Chita. :)

This is taken from a letter that she wrote two years ago...

I am living one day at a time and thank God everyday when I wake up. ALS has changed my life and the lives of my family. I am enjoying my grandchildren and watching them grow. I didn’t know how they were going to react to my walker and electric chair, but come to find out, they enjoy them. Tori, Gabby & Diego have made my life easier to cope with my disease. I have trouble doings the things I loved to do, so I just manage do them in a different way. My legs are weak so I am using a walker to get around the house, my electric chair when I go outside, and a wheel chair when I go to the Drs and to the mall. My voice is not as strong (loud) so I am using a Spokesman Voice Amplifier. I had surgery in August, 2008 on my vocal cords to help me with my speech and voice. In January, 2009 I had surgery to have a Baclofen pump implanted to help me with my stiffness and plasticity on my legs. In June, 2009 I had another surgery on my vocal cords because again I was straining my voice. My voice is harsh but I can talk. Using the phone has become difficult but texting has become very handy. It takes a while to text but I can do it.

Our second annual benefit was a huge success. Our goal was $10,000.00. We raised $11,000.00+, which put us in 3rd. place, second year in a row. Thank you so much. :) The funds raised stay here in the South Texas Chapter. These funds help me and other ALS patients with equipment and some medical expenses to make our day to day living easier. We (ALS patients) need your support so we can find some kind of cure to this dreadful disease and be able to live longer.

A little about Chita:

Chita, born September 24, 1954, is 55 years young. She is retired from AT&T after 26 years of working. Her husband, Juan, also retired from AT&T. The two of them worked at the same company and rode in the same car for an hour and a half to work and back for 26 years... and could not be more in love. They have two children, Xavier and Tina. Xavier is married to Mel and they have two girls, Tori and Gabby. Tina is married to David and they have two boys, Diego and Adrian. This is a beautiful family. As I was growing up, these people were not only my family but my neighbors, and Chita and Juan, my God Parents. My mom still lives there in the same house and Chita and Juan still live next door, but us kids have all grown up and moved away (except for Kathy because she is spoiled and will never move away ;) jk sis!) Our grandparents live across the street, we have an aunt next to her, and my dad and stepmom live next to her. And the rest of us are sprinkled around Texas. WE ARE ONE CLOSE, STRONG, LOVING, and PRAYING FAMILY! We believe that we can strike out this disease with your help and prayers, and our trust in God. We won't stop fighting and growing until we do. Each year our numbers grow and we get a little closer, but at the same time our Chita gets a little weaker. We would love for you to come out and show your support and love this weekend at our fourth annual ALS Benefit. Come eat, dance, laugh, play games, win prizes, and meet our family!

Come join the Chita's Angles team!

If you are in the San Antonio Area we are just under an hour away in Devine, Texas. Home of the Warhorses, Devine Acres, and Me! Ha, ha! ;)

September 11, 2010
6:30 - 8:30
8:30 - 12

211 W. College
Devine, TX

Tickets are $10 for brisket dinner and dance or $6 for a to-go brisket dinner.

Tickets are available at the event!

All Proceeds Benefit the ALS (Lou Gehrig’s)
South Texas Chapter Association

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  1. Beautiful post Frankie--for a beautiful lady, inside and out! Chita is a blessing to so many, and I am thankful for the privilege of knowing her.

    Looking forward to the benefit! Thank you both for all you are doing to help make it a great big success!