Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Pushing Pause

Well, here we are more then half way through our adventure and we have come to the realization that this isn't working... :( No excuses, no ones fault, things just aren't working.  So after talking about it over lunch we decided that it would be best to put aside our challenge for now and start fresh in a few weeks when we are a bit more organized.

So just to share the little bit of how our eating was going here are a few pictures. :)



Wednesday and Thursday and Friday


Like I said today at lunch is when we decided that things were not turning out as planned so that was our last meal, so to speak. 

For dinner we had all the food that somehow found it's way to our kitchen...

And for dessert we made a real treat!  Dulce de leche!
Our friend Talia shared a recipe on her blog and we had to try it!  
Thanks Talia!!! It was delicious!!!

We still plan on matching our goal to CHF this week.  :)  And we still invite you to join us if you feel moved to give. The fact is others don't have the luxury of deciding when they need the Food Pak and when they don't.

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