Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Campaigning Dad

We don't like to talk too much about politics because it tends to divide people instead of unite them. BUT we do love to talk about our family and the adventures that they are on! If you remember, we talked about Simply Rose our Step-mom's shop in Castroville, and Chita's Angels. Well, now my dad is on a new journey of his own. My dad has been in law enforcement for longer than I can remember. Starting as a deputy in Devine and working his way up the ladder to Medina County Detective, Medina County Chief Deputy, and finally Sheriff of Medina County. (He was the youngest and first Hispanic Sheriff of Medina County!) Now after a few years he has decided to get back into the race as Medina County Judge. Because he is not on the ballet he will be running as a "Write-In" candidate- something that won't be easy, but he knows that his trust in God, his family, and many supporters can make it happen. So like we did so many years ago, we will be walking door to door, marching in parades, wearing campaign shirts, and spreading the word of Gilbert Rodriguez throughout Medina County!

Side note- During his first campaign for sheriff I was taking a dual credit economics class in High School and doing horribly... as an extra credit project our teacher said he would give us a point for every hour we worked on a campaign of an elected official. No contest! Not only was I helping my Dad but I was getting an A in economics!

Although I won't be getting any extra credit we will be supporting my Dad in his election right here on our blog. We have posted a sign on our side bar and it will stay there till the election, because we love our Dad and I designed the signs. ;) So if you are registered to vote in Medina County or know someone who is, spread the word to write in G Rodriguez for County Judge!

Go Dad! We love you and are so proud of you! Behind you 100%!

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    FZ, I love the way your extended family lovingly supports one another in everything they do--it blesses my heart big! Good job working the campaign trail for your dad, I'm proud of you (and of your beautiful wife too)!