Thursday, October 7, 2010

ALS Benefit Update!

We made it to the ALS benefit a few weeks ago, but we had misplaced the photos during the game of musical laptops we've been playing at home. So here's our exciting update!!

Everyone really came together on this one! It was held in a new venue, but that didn't matter a bit! We still filled the space with people and had a blast! Someone from the ALS Association came out to speak and there was food, music, live auctions, 5 tables of silent auctions items, carnival games, a bake sale, and two separate raffles! After the night was over we raised a grand total of $7,635.00!!! Woohoo!!! Here's some pictures from the night:

1 of the game baskets we donated to the silent auction

the crowd!

the carnival!

Taylor the clown!


Family fun!

Bernice, Chita, and MeMe dancin the night away!

Chita's son, Xavier and his wife, Mel

Frankie and Chita's daughter, Tina

Tina and Taylor hanging out at the Silent Auction

Our mini-carnival turned out really great, too! We had about ten games and raised almost $80! Even though we only had about 10 kids, we had a lot of fun, and every penny counts! This was a great first run and we look forward to more carnival fun in the future!

And our efforts aren't through yet. Our second event of the year is a 5K walk put on by the ALS South West Chapter. We are setting our sights high again- mine and Taylor's personal goal is to raise $1000. We have set up a site and are trying to get 50 people to donate in the order that they come. (Ex. 1st person would donate $1, 2nd would donate $2, 3rd would donate $3, etc.) We realized that we could not donate an amount as $1, but our great friend Ann Ray fixed that problem by claiming spots 1 through 9! Thanks Ann!!! We took spot number 10. So we are waiting for number 11 now...

If you want to help us reach our goal just go here. All proceeds go to the ALS Association. All support is very appreciated!!! And if you want to join the team as a walker or a virtual walker there is still time for that too! :)

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