Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Children's Hunger Fund Banquet

Last Saturday was the Children's Hunger Fund Banquet in San Antonio! It was so much fun to see everyone that we have been blessed to meet through this blog- CHF staff from California, staff here in the Southwest office, new friends, and even an old friend from high school! The venue looked great and the food looked delicious! We say that it looked delicious because we were so nervous that we could hardly eat a thing. And we were nervous because a few months ago Fred Martin, Communications Director of CHF, called to ask if we would accept the nomination for the Widow's Mite Award! This award is given each year to a young person or persons who do a lot with a little, like the widow in Mark 12:41-43. What an honor!

If you were there to hear our speech, we were actually speechless... we fumbled with note cards, and tried to look out at people with lights in our eyes, and nervously recited some of what we had written a few hours ago. And half way through it hit me- the last time we were in the same room as David Robinson, he was on stage being recognized and congratulated on behalf of Oak Hills Church for being inducted to the NBA hall of fame, and were we just beginning to learn about CHF. This time we were on stage right before he was (actually David Robinson couldn't make it but he was still being recognized as a Children's Champion Award Recipient and accepted via video) along with a group of other really incredible people doing the work of God and showing his love so beautifully. And it wasn't us- it was God that did that, He is the only one that could do something so big from something so little, and all I could say was "I don't know why we are here". Because in my mind we are just Taylor and Frankie, we live in Houston, we enjoy spending time with family, we like to take pictures and blog, and we just aren't people that can do big things. (And this is also why we stick to blogging, because when we lose our words we can always come back to it later. ;)

So even though we felt really good about Saturday night, and we made people laugh, (and we were told that we did an awesome job!), we would like to share with you what we really had prepared to say in acceptance of the Widow's Mite Award!

*roll introduction video...

*cue Chris Sue (thanks for the great intro, new friend!)

*walk toward beacon, Charif Martin :)

*take place behind podium, facing 650 people...

We would like to thank Children's Hunger Fund for the great work they do for children in need around the world, and their wonderful staff- they make it so easy and so much fun to serve! We also want to say how great it is to see so many people here supporting CHF. Our families are also here and we want to thank them for supporting us through all of our adventures and for teaching us how important it is to love others. We want to also thank Oak Hills Church for sharing their vision with us of loving our neighbors.

We first heard about CHF at the Oak Hills Church Bigger than You service. We saw the video and we were moved but we weren't really sure what we could do. We decided that if CHF was giving these boxes to families in need we were going to see if they really worked. We switched our food budget for theirs and began to eat from the Food Pak. We started to blog about our experience and the need really became real to us. We knew that the need was big and we had to do more.

Tonight, we want to encourage you to do something. If you feel moved to try what we did then go for it! If you want to do something else then find something that your are passionate about and that you can share with your family and do it. Don't be afraid to do something. Set a goal, make a plan, put it to action, fill your heart with dedication, and God will take it from there. God will make it big. No matter how small it may seem to you, it will change someone else's life and yours! To God be the Glory! Thank you!

After comparing pre-speech notes and reflecting on our actual speech, we really didn't stray too far from what we had planned to say. And we share this with you because we don't just want to encourage the people in that room, but we want to encourage you readers, too. You come here and read about what we are doing, and it would bless us so much to know that what we do moves you to do something too. We can't do great things on our own, but with God we can do so much!

We were in the company of truly incredible people that night...

~David Robinson, founder of the Carver Academy. He has a big heart for children and is a great role model and example of how to love God and to show love in your community.

~Michael and Carol Hart, founders of Zoe International, and our new heroes. These are two of the most beautiful people we have ever met. They spoke with such passion for their ministry and love for God.

~Carlos Pimentel, Executive VP of Esperanza International. Carlos also did a great job sharing his dedication to helping others. We were honored to be recognized with him.

~Donnie Laurence, First VP of Investment Officer of Nebens/Laurence Wealth Management Group. He and his wife are great supporters of CHF as he promotes them throughout his organization.

Great people were recognized, but God was the one who was really honored that night. Here are a few pictures from the evening.

Amy was there!

Frankie's special guests, Chita and Juan!

Frankie's mom, Olga and sister, Kathy

Kathy, and Frankie's step-mom, Rose and dad, Gilbert

Taylor's dad, Bryan and mom, Tina

Jesse Reyes, of CHF Southwest. He took care of us that night, told us when we were going on, and showed us around. He was a big help and also goes to Journey Fellowship! Thanks, Jesse!

Mike Richards, Regional Director of CHF Southwest

Charleen! Of CHF Southwest

Francis Chan!!! (host of the evening)

Antonio Giuliano

Don't know why but I like this photo!

That's better... Fred Martin (CHF Headquarters.), Dave Philips (CHF President and Founder!)

The whole group!

And the award!

(View all honorees introduction videos at chfus.org to learn more! You'll be inspired, no doubt!)


  1. Hi Taylor and Frankie! My name is Hannah, and I actually work at CHF Headquarters. I wasn't at the banquet, so I really enjoyed reading this post and seeing the pics! Glad you guys had such an awesome evening! Thanks for all you guys do ... I enjoy seeing your blog from time to time. :)

  2. Can I say ditto? This is Christy B, I also work for CHF - I wasn't there either, but have been able to review the video footage of the night. Congratulations!!

    Thank you for your humility and inspiration to all of us at CHF-- and of course to so many others. God is truly magnifying your efforts to help families in need. Thank you for serving Him!

  3. Enjoyed meeting you and again, am inspired by your story and feel so blessed to work at CHF.

  4. You both are so inspiring! I actually blogged about the event and you both yesterday and realized I needed to check out your own blog. AMAZING! And I loved your speech at the event, it was from the heart. Thank you both for everything you do and keep documenting it for all to read :)
    God Bless.

  5. Just finished reading about yours and Gods wonderful projects. Our Lord has blessed those in need with your kindness and love. He has blessed me by making me your grandma. Thank you, Lord.

  6. What a special event, with amazing people, doing amazing things --with the Lord's help! How blessed I was!

    How blessed I am to be the mama, and mother-in-love, to the humble winners of the Widow's Mite Award. I love you Taylor and Frankie, and I learn from you daily just what it means to be the hands and feet of Jesus.



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