Monday, October 18, 2010

Sunny Saturdays - Yard Sale!

At the beginning of the year we set a goal to raise enough money to build a well in Africa through charity:water. Well, Saturday we got to fill our jar a little more- we had a second yard sale! It took four truck loads of stuff from seven different families but we got it all down to Pleasanton, TX! We worked from 4 a.m. setting things up to be ready by our 8 a.m. start time to 4 p.m. loading the unsold items back into the truck. So much work but oh so rewarding!! From the start we felt so prepared, we picked a good day - the day after payday (last time we had it on a holiday weekend which we were told was a bad idea), we put an add in the paper and on Craigslist, we made signs, and I took a whole day off to get things ready. And no matter what we did God was there to prove to us that no matter how much planning we did, we were not in control of this, He was and He was going to take care of everything...

Yeah, we picked a good day- so good that everyone one else picked that day to do stuff to. Our sister Kathy, was testing that morning. Our Rodriguez family was campaigning. Our Winder family was helping with a Fall Festival. Half of our Pleasanton family was having their own garage sale across town. So much for many hands making light work... but we went on. We put our add in the paper on time and had all the permits bought, except when we got the paper it didn't say what day the sale was actually on (meaning people were driving by on Friday when we had nothing) or what town it was in, but we went on... The night before we found out that our plan to start selling at 7 a.m. to catch all the early birds was spoiled by a rule saying that we couldn't start till 8 a.m. (the sun didn't even want to come out till 8... our first shoppers had to borrow flashlights to shop with) but we went on... when we started to unload our trucks we lost a set of keys in the dark and the doors were locked... found them in the backyard after some frantic searching. Finally the sun came out and some help showed up and the people started slowly come in. Then more, then more, then MORE!!!! We put out three signs, and my Grandpa later came out and asked where I had put those signs because we have never had a turn out like this... we even had a line to check out at one point! And caused a small traffic jam in the road in front of the house!! Even as we were packing up we had people coming by. Even after we were all packed up and had made the final count, two teenage girls were knocking on our door asking if we sold the biggest item leftover, which we glady unloaded from the truck to sell to them!!! Like we said, no matter what we planned God was there laughing and saying "Let's do this my way."

We still left Pleasanton with two truckloads of stuff to pass on- two bags of clothing and a box of shoes to the Agape Ministry donation baskets at Journey, three or four big boxes of stuff for Goodwill, a box of items for Mom to consign at the thrift store on base, and three boxes of stuff to pass on to the Youth Ministry at Journey who will be having a garage sale next month! Perfect timing, eh? We were so blessed with all the donations that came in and blessed to be able to pass on some goods to others. And SO SO SO blessed with a grand total of...

are you ready for this?


Whoa! Is our God big or what??? He sure showed us. He showed us and blessed us and still amazes us at how awesome He is. :)

Thanks everyone for all your help, your items, and your prayers! We truly could not have done this with out you!

Frankie made us shirts with a homemade screen printer!

Grandma's House

Kitchen items in the front, closet in the back.

Home items.

Craft supplies.

Kid's toys.


Some furniture.


Things are leaving!

Games and toys.

Christmas stuff.

Taylor made some bread and some gift baskets!

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  1. Isaiah 55:9 ~ "As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.

    Obviously our God specializes in Yard Sales!

    Thank you Lord for pouring out Your blessing in Pleasanton, Texas on Saturday! You are amazing-- and with You, little things can become great big!

    Taylor and Frankie ~ Thank you for your faith that presses on even when things get crazy . . . or don't go as you planned . . . or when you are so tired you want to quit. Thank you for your faith that trusts in the Lord, knowing that His ways are so much higher than ours. Thank you for sharing that faith with us! The well is getting closer, one drop at a time! God is so very good!

    Love you both,