Sunday, March 27, 2011

Justice League Project - CHF

Today we went to TriPoint where they were just into their first week of The Justice League Project! CHF was the first organization they featured. This was the first ever mobile CHF Food Pak experience ever! There were so many people there, and KLOVE was also there set up with prizes and stickers! It was a beautiful day to do some great things. We took Brogan along with us and grabbed the Flip so we could share with you how much fun we had!

If you want to know more about TriPoint and their young adult ministry, Segue, check them out here. And if you are free the next few Sunday afternoons work your way over to see them and be a part of The Justice League Project! They are also teaming up with TOMS for a Style Your Sole party next week, then Strong Foundation to help the homeless, and are hosting a South Texas Blood & Tissue Center blood drive after that! While you are there stay for the Sunday night service and check them out!

CHF also has a new website and it is awesome! They worked really hard and it definitely shows. It is our new favorite website to explore. As a matter of fact, to celebrate we would like to invite you to do as many of the Social Media Fan actions on this page. If you are the first one to tell us that you did any 5 and can share some links to where we can see it, we will send you a CHF shirt of your choice! Also, if you can spot us on the site let us know and for the first few we will send out a CHF bracelet!

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  1. I agree, I too love the new CHF website!! And I did find ya'll on there too. Option 10- blog about CHF :) So awesome to be part of the first ever mobile food pak campaign!!! Super exciting!