Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Knowledge is Power

Twitter is a constant encouragement to us. We follow writers, pastors, friends, and organizations. There are many tweets weekly that really inspire us. Here is what is on our mind today.
Another beauty of Twitter is the wonderful "RT" (re-tweet). This allows us not only to connect with our friends but with their friends as well. Occasionally, those we follow will share a significant tweet, by retweeting it to their followers.

@ihategluten: RT @BeautyFrmAshes In the #UnitedStates alone, 15,000 to 18,000 people are #trafficked into the country each year http://fb.me/IjqjHKBu

Our friend Rhonda (who is allergic to gluten, hence the user name "ihategluten") is a passionate anti-Human Trafficking advocate! Although we don't talk about this issue much on our blog, we are glad to have friends who keep the issue real and relevant to us. We get to hear about statistics, news stories, and success stories via Rhonda from her friends at Beauty from Ashes and other advocates and organizations.

The statistic within this tweet can be quite a shocker for some. It's amazing the number of slaves we have in our very own nation, and around the world. People think slavery was abolished long ago, but it is truly alive, even in our own neighborhoods - it just has a new face.

The article within the tweet is a quick read. Take a look at some eye-opening numbers and break the unawareness pattern that it speaks of. We are failing our brothers and sisters by not being aware of their light.

Thank you for reading this. We hope you realize now that you are one more person who knows this much more about human trafficking, and knowledge is power. To find out more, click on any of the links within this post. :)

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