Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Lenten Journey

Twitter is a constant encouragement to us. We follow writers, pastors, friends, and organizations. There are many tweets weekly that really inspire us. Here is what is on our mind today.

@PastorChrisSeay: During Lent I'll be giving up foods other than the staple foods that make up the diet of the @compassion children we sponsor. Wanna join me?

Chris tweeted this on Sunday as we were making breakfast and as soon as we read it we began to think about how we could participate. We immediately remembered our similar Food Pak experience and how that changed us. We then wondered what Chris would be eating and about participating by eating rice and beans since that is a staple food in many places. And as if he was in conversation with us, with out skipping a beat, he twittered again...

@PastorChrisSeay: Rice & Beans are primary staple foods. In many regions this could also include mixed veg/salad, potato, chicken, tortillas, & bananas

This started another conversation about how people in different parts of the world season food and if we would allow ourselves to use our seasonings. In the heat of things we wondered what Teddi (Taylor's sister) ate when living in the orphanage in China- mostly a rice cereal type of dish. From there, we decided to take on this challenge and journey along with Chris while engaging in the diet of Chinese orphans. (Update on what exactly that turns out to be, later...)

Chris also posted a note to Facebook where he shares some thoughts and reasons for why he is doing this. Below are some of those thoughts. (To read the entire note click here.)
Our hearts, minds, and yes, even our bodies need a time of preparation and molding that lead us joyously to the feast, reluctantly to the garden, solemnly to the cross, and rejoicing at the empty tomb. If you chose to join me on this journey that begins in self-examination and focuses unmistakably on Jesus, we will be changed forever.

So I invite you to set out on this journey with me to rediscover what the bible says about food, life, love, and grace and to connect with the poor in hopes that I might become a different man—a grateful man.

The primary change in my life will be the time and energy gained as I lay down the vain pursuit of constantly asking myself: What do I want to eat today?

As we change our eating patterns we will also have the chance to identify with the thirsty. I plan to drink water, tea, coffee and natural juices during my fast. I am also very aware that I take for granted the fact that clean water flows directly into my house and at no time in my life have I ever had to search and travel to find it as most of the world does. During these 40 days I challenge you to join me on a one mile prayer walk each day when we can join the plight of the thirsty, pray for the water crisis, and seek ways to respond to bring clean water to so many in need.


  1. Well about the Chinese Orphan diet I have seen on Rainbow kids recently that snake, dog and cat are all on the menu. :o) Have fun with that!

  2. Lol, as appetizing as snake, dog, and cat sound we were thinking more along the line of congee :)

  3. So excited to see someone else celebrating Lent... eager to see how it goes!