Thursday, June 23, 2011

Airmen's Attic Part 2 - Supply Drive

We went back to visit our friends at Airmen's Attic Tuesday and had so much fun!

Annnd... some exciting news for them and the families they serve...

They are moving to a bigger location! The date is set for the 28th of July! Not too much time to move a whole store that serves a base as big as Lackland. So there was a lot to do... We packed up all the uniform raincoats, put away the pants, hung up uniforms, closed the media room that we organized last week, and started moving items that were ready to go to the designated moving area. Busy, busy, busy!

Here are a few shots of what we did last week and a few of the areas from today...

Our work in the media room from last week.

We straightened up the cables and cords and electronics.

Hanging uniforms...

And a view of some of the home items.

Plus there is so much more that these photos don't show! And the whole thing is run by unpaid volunteers. People donate the items and Airmen come and volunteer in shifts along with the staff that usually consists of 2 or so volunteers a day plus the also unpaid manager. But they are always happy to be there! Not much money goes into this place, I think I heard maybe $500 a year to help it run. Kind of a sorry situation for something that helps so many men and women in our military. This place offers free items to all US active duty and their families if they happen to need it- clothes, baby items, uniforms, mattresses, sheets, blankets, dishes, televisions, and other furniture and yet they don't even have all the supplies to run a business. They have been doing pretty well so far and we really do have fun when we go help out. But we feel like we (together with you!) can help bless the sweet people that give up 4 days out of the week to be there going through bag of items, sorting the good from the bad, making and answering phone calls, and organizing and managing the volunteers. We feel like we can take care of at lease some of their needs with very little money... 
We would like to ask you to help us by pitching in for a supply drive. Nothing big, just for a week, we will be collecting items that you would find in every office and bathroom/laundry room as well as some moving items:

Rubber Bands
Packing Tape
Ziploc Bags (large and small)
Brown Paper Bags
Bathroom Towels
Trash Bags
Plastic Hangers
Laundry Detergent (They wash a lot of the donations before the put them out.)
Dryer Sheets

The only supplies that they have are items that come in as donations. Boxes are a big need when you move and if everyone donates clothes in bags that day then that means we don't have boxes to pack with on the next day. So lets try and do this! If you read our blog and you go to Journey Fellowship we will be there most of the day on Sunday for 11am service and Family Game Night at 4pm so feel free to find us and and drop of any items that you may have! And if you live farther away we have set up a PayPal account that would love to be filled for Airmen's Attic! (send money to  Most of the items on their list don't cost very much so if you have just a few dollars to spare it would certainly go a long way :) I know Lucky (the manager) would love this little surprise when we show up to help next week!

Thank you readers, for keeping up with us and sharing our love to serve others by encouraging us to keep doing what we do! It is what we love to do, with all of our hearts, and we are so happy that we can continue to share God's love with people in big and small ways.

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  1. I need to gather up some goods for y'all--a little "store-warming" gift basket, perhaps?

    I love you both, and I love what you do!