Thursday, June 16, 2011

Airmen's Attic

Today is Thursday and normally we would tell you about how much fun we had serving with our church's youth, but this week they are away on a mission trip to New Orleans!

So we went down the street to serve on our own!

Airmen's Attic was our destination.

What is Airmen's Attic?

The airmen's attic is staffed by volunteers from the community and offers members ranks E-5 and below used, serviceable appliances, furniture, household items, children's clothing and more free of charge.

Basically it is a resale shop but they don't sell anything. People bring items that they no longer need or want and they sort through it all and organize it so other people can come by and shop around for whatever they need free of charge. There are some limitations and you must be active duty. The items range from clothes, dishes, mattresses, sheets, uniforms, chairs, desks, televisions, computers, printers, toys, books, DVDs, VHSs, books, phones, and anything else that you need in your home!

So the first part of what we did was loading up our truck with a few items to donate. Second was to sign up as volunteers and to get to work! We were there for about 4 hours and we organized the whole media room! Sorted books, restacked videos, untangled wires, found a new home for the games and puzzles and boxed up the overflow to send out to Salvation Army. It was a good day and hard work but it sure did pay off, the place looked great!

Sorry no pictures this time, we were working to hard to take a break but hopefully next week we will be back with our crew for some more fun! :)

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