Wednesday, June 8, 2011

TOMS: One for One

Yesterday TOMS revealed their next product in their journey to becoming a One for One company rather than a shoe company. We gathered with a handful of people at a local Whole Earth Provisions Co. to witness the opening of one of  many mystery boxes around the nation that was keeping the new product top secret. A representative from TOMS was there to show a short film and she held the key in her pocket. Take a look at the new TOMS product!

Wow! I was sort of getting caught up in the excitement of what the next product would be, maybe clothes, maybe a backpack, maybe something really awesome that I WANTED to have that would also help someone else out. So once I watched the video I was in awe because it was a real need, and I feel like the question wasn't what else can we sell but what else do people need. Sight is something that people REALLY NEED! I depend on glasses to see everyday and if I ever wanted to know how people with poor eye sight feel all I have to do is take them off. That made it feel so much more real for me.

So check out the new line of TOMS sunglasses and why not get a pair! 
 (And if you feeling a bit generous get us a pair too! ;)

I like these!

Congrats TOMS for announcing your new product! Glad we can continue this journey with you as you find ways to meet needs around the world, One for One!

Now I am going to go get contacts so I can actually enjoy them... :)

Just wanted to share this picture because it is perfect for our next announcement :)
[But it's not that kind of announcement...] 

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