Thursday, June 9, 2011

House Work

Every Thursday during the summer we are teaming up with Journey Fellowship Youth and will be doing a different project in our community. This will be a great way to see the needs that our city has and to lovingly serve our brothers and sisters!

A need came to our church from a stay at home mother of four who needed a little help around the house.
And we are here to serve every need, big and small, so we loaded up and headed out to see what we could do...

There was a lot of work to do but with 7 people, and 5 more on the way, we were well covered!

We cleaned the kitchen.
We watched and played with the kids.
Hung out with the dogs.
Mowed the grass.
Trimmed the bushes.
Installed a soaker hose (twice).
Found a snake!
Trimmed a tree.
Cleaned the back porch.
Installed a new doggie door!

We spent about three hours working and made a good dent in someones really long honey-do list!

We were happy to help this family, and thankful for the great weather and cool breeze! Looking forward to the next opportunity to serve in our community!

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