Thursday, June 30, 2011


Retirement was beginning to become stressful so we are going on a vacation! ;)
We are all packed up- one minivan, two parents, two grown kids, two little kids, and one little dog. And after 24 hours of driving we will be in Michigan! Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! We'll be visiting family for two weeks. (Don't worry we will write.)
On another note... (or two...)
We wanted to thank everyone who donated and helped collect supplies for Airmen's Attic. They were so thankful for what we provided them!
Also, we want to wish our friend Adrienne a safe trip home to visit family! She is a member of the PAIS Team and just finished her year at Journey. She has been such an inspiration and encouragement to us and others! The very first thing we did when we moved to San Antonio (literally, we drove here, arrived at 2 a.m., changed, and drove to her house) was help her with a yard sale to buy a plane ticket for her to take this trip and obviously she met her goal with GOD's great help!
Have fun in England, and come back soon!
Next time we write we will be up north, lake side, surrounded by family and friends. Ahhhh. :)

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