Thursday, November 10, 2011

Gearing up for Christmas - 2011

Christmas is getting closer, and if you don't believe us just take a walk into your local grocery or retail store. And just like everyone else, we too, are getting ready for the season.

For us, getting ready for Christmas looks a lot like....

Working with our church to get local Angel Tree wishes passed out and Haitian orphan shoe boxes distributed. Taylor was there yesterday setting up.

CHF Toy wrap is also on the list and the email was sent on Saturday to sign up for this this year!
Within minutes we (myself, my sister, and her boyfriend) were signed up to ensure our spot. Taylor has class on Saturday mornings this semester (something that she declares she will never do again) and will not be able to make it.

We are also figuring out what we will be doing as a family this year. CHF and Food Banks seems to be at the top of our list.

Don't forget about our Toy Closet! We still have to find what we will be doing with all of the toys we have collected this year.

So many things to do... We also plan on coming out with another TaylorFrankie Christmas List this year to share some ideas of gifts that give back. :)

Last year we made a video as a part of a contest that showed how we did Christmas differently for Advent Conspiracy. Take a look and let us know what you plan on doing this year for Christmas.

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