Saturday, November 5, 2011

Thank You Notes

It's Friday and this is when we like to catch up on a few personal things... check emails, return calls, and write thank you notes. I hope you don't mind....

(James can we get some thank you note writing music, please.)

Thank you Halloween,

For being the one day of the year when it is okay to play with your food.


Thank you Texas,

For cutting back during the recession and letting fall go. Who needs fall? It's not like he did anything anyways.

Thank you Pinterest,

For being Facebook's good looking best friend.

Thank you Five Guys,

For making me feel like I am actually the size of 5 guys...

And last but not least

Thank you Midterms,

For reminding me that the semester is only half over. :(

Thank You Notes is a product of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. We just liked it so much that we decided to do our own version. :)

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